What are barefoot shoes?

The best way to move is as we were created, barefoot, but weather in Finland does not allow this all year round. So, the best option is to wear barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes are especially good for children that they can develop naturally from the beginning. These are suitable for everyone else too, doesn't matter how old you are. It is never too late to start wearing barefoot shoes.

Barefoot shoes specifics:

Lightweight: Barefoot shoes are lightweight. It does not strain the feet and save energy. It is easy for small kids to learn walking in barefoot shoes.

Flexible and thin sole: You can walk naturally, and walking style improves then there is thin sole. Plantar muscles do more work and get stronger. Thin sole lets the sensors of the feet and toes (there are over 200 000 of them) activate and the balance is also improving because feet sensors feel the ground better.

Don´t be afraid of that your feet have cold. The sole is thin and flexible, feet and toes can move more, and blood circulation intensifies. If you don't move a lot, then you have cold in every shoes. In this situation you can put warm extra sole into the shoes, merino wool socks or alpaca wool socks. You will be warm if you put the wool sock straight against the skin without cotton socks.

Wide leg shaped sole: This is important because your toes can be in their natural shape and support your body movement and carry body weight. This prevents bunions (hallux valgus) and hammer toes, nail ingrowth, foot pains and fatigue etc. 

Flat, without heel and arch support: A flat sole gives you the right body position and prevents back and knee pain. On a flat sole the small feet muscles, also inner and transverse arch activate and gets stronger.

Arch support weakens foot muscles because they don't have to do work anymore. Due to weak feet muscles you get injuries more easily and injuries also heel slower. The low arch is a normal leg arch model, so it does't need any support.

Without toe spring: Toe spring prevents  feet and toes natural functions. The toes stretch and bend. 

Without cushions sole: There is no need to the cushions in our shoes. Our body can take care of  impact force by itself. Barefoot shoes are improving the running and walking style, the transverse arch activate and acts as an effective shock absorber. The risk of injury reduce.