Future Steps

Future Steps - Because I hope and believe that one day everyone will wear comfortable shoes which are good for your health. Feet are like our foundation; everything starts from our feet. If we have healthy feet, we have healthy body.

At first, when I had not heard much about barefoot shoes, I thought that these look awful and weird for sure. One day I started gather information about barefoot shoes and I was surprised how beautiful are these and decided to try. Why not if I can get beautiful and healthy shoes at the same time? At first it felt like shoes are too big for me, but it only felt this way. In fact, I had worn too small shoes before. At the picture below you can see that some of them were really small to me. After a while I realized that this is my thing. In the evenings, my feet are not tired anymore and knee pain is also gone. I have bought only barefoot shoes for my kids too. They look very satisfied.

I will try to gather here different shoes that everyone will find their own.