Magical shoes is a Polish company, founded in 2015. They care very much about the health of  the users and nature. The shoes are handmade only from high quality local materials in Poland. Their range also includes vegan shoes made without animal-derived materials. They have selected only ethical suppliers. Every pair of shoes is made taking care of every detail.

Jenon leather is Czech company. The footwear is handmade and genuine leather in the Czech Republic. The shoe and leather industry has a rich tradition in the Czech Republic, but it is slowly being forgotten. They try to preserve and support this culture.

Anatomic is a Czech company. The shoes are light and flexible in every direction, which is good for the feet and also maintains the long life of the footwear. The footwear is made of non-hazardous materials in Poland. All materials used in the manufacture are European origin and health safety certified.

Ballop started 2014 in South Korea. At first they made water barefoot shoes. Today, Ballop is the market leader in this segment in Korea. Now the company develops and produces barefoot shoes for sports, leisure, etc. The shoes are made in China.